Monday, February 13, 2017

✨♡ Dressing up a friend in lolita ♡✨

Hello Darlings! ❤

Time to get back into blogging and end my little hiatus. Been concentrating on everyday life for a while, on myself and being with my lovely daughter. We've been playing games and been outdoors and had some lovely quality time. I've been thinking about all the things I want to share with you in my blog and gonna start with this~

ūüíô Kawaii fluffy pastel cuteness overload -day! Yay! ūüíô

I got this awsum friend, Agony von Grim, she usually wears black and a kind of a pastel / nu goth style and this time I dressed her up in lolita! We talked about it at some point and we agreed about her coming for a visit just for this. Of course considering her normal style, I wanted to dress her in sweet lolita style and as yummy cute cake -like. This was so much fun, like a more or less every lolita's secret dream to dress up others.

We actually had a blast and a super fun day! We should have recorded everything, because Agony's commentary was hilarious! Stuff like "This is what it must feel like being pregnant" x) I laid out some of my pink sweet lolita dresses before she arrived, so I could check which one would be perfect and  I decided on this cute frilly Angelic Pretty Colorful Sherbet JSK. Coordinated it with pink boots, pink top, pink ringlets and hair accessory. We said she was too sweet to get a diabetes from. Hihih~ Yup, we had fun and joked around all the time while we were dressed up! ^-^

Well of course we had some photoshooting fun out in the cold! We had to take evidence of this pastel poofyness and post them online. I think Agony von Grim looked so cute, she had the perfect level of attitude and crazyness to look like this was actually her thing. I'm gonna dress her up again some day, maybe in more gothic and actually go out into some public place, like the city center, because this time we just hanged around at my place.

Naturally I dressed up as well.. Last year I bought this second hand Unicorn Fantasy skirt by Pink Macaroon and haven't had the chance to wear it yet, so I put together something a bit casual and simple. I felt like a kind of sweet I haven't been in a long time, made me feel really good! Somewhat nostalgic as well, because this is the kind of style I used to wear more a few of years back. I have moved more towards classic style, not sure if it's an age thing or what, but I still love sweet lolita style and not giving it up! ūüíô
..I know my petticoat is peaking a bit, had some trouble with the the skirt length and pettis, but nah, it's not the end of the world :)

Pastel blue sweet lolita

Cutsew~  Angelic Pretty
Parka~  Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Skirt & Bow~  Pink Macaroon
Shoes~  Montreal
Socks~  Offbrand
Hair~  Gothic Lolita Wigs

I gotta admit, that when I saw the skirt at some sales group in Facebook, I made the decision to buy it for my daughter..well to alter something out of it for her..but after I received, it was so cute and fit well and wasn't tight at all, I decided I want to wear it myself first. Well we discussed it with my babygirl and it was fine with her. She has a bunch of dresses herself, some princess ones, some lolita and some handmade by me. Like mother like daughter ūüíē

ūüíĖ Happy Valentines day! ūüíĖ
ūüíó Big hugs for all of you ūüíó

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tiedote | Release

Olen syvästi pahoillani viimeaikoina ympärilläni liikkuneista puheista ja haluan tämän tiedotteen myötä pyytää anteeksi kaikilta, joita asia on loukannut tavalla tai toisella. Nämä yksittäiset lausahdukset, joita eräillä sivustoilla on esitetty ja levitelty, ovat kuitenkin irroitettu täysin asiayhteyksistä, eivätkä millään tavoin edusta näkemystäni näissä puheissa liikkuneista rasistisista aiheista.

Sen kummemmin asiaa kommentoimatta, haluan toivottaa sek√§ uudet ja vanhat ihanat seurailijat blogini ja muiden some-kanavien pariin, miss√§ on luvassa jatkossakin prinsessa-maailmassa el√§mist√§ ja p√§iv√§npiristyst√§. ♡

I'm deeply sorry for the talking that has been happening around me recently and with this release I want to apologize for everyone, who has been offended by this matter in one way or another. These individual utterances, of which are presented and spread in some sites, have been taken completely out of context and do not represent in any way my viewpoint of the talked about racist topics.

Without further commenting on the matter, I want to welcome both new and old lovely followers to my blog and other social media channels, where there will continue to be living in a princess-world and bringing cuteness into the day. ♡

Ihanaista talvea ja vuoden alkua kaikille! 
Wishing everyone a lovely winter and the beginning of the year!

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

⚘ Vintage dreams ⚘

Ihanaa uutta vuotta! ♡

Vuonna 2016 on ollut kaikenlaista ihanaa ja upeaa, mutta mukaan on mahtunut my√∂s paljon huonoja fiiliksi√§. Hyvien ja positiivisten asioiden muistelu ja huomioiminen kuitenkin l√§mmitt√§√§ syd√§nt√§. Pakko v√§h√§n hehkuttaa sit√§ kuinka olen yritt√§nyt olla positiivisempi, n√§hd√§ niit√§ hyvi√§ pieni√§ asioita ja nauttia niist√§. T√§m√§ muutos ei tietenk√§√§n tapahdu kokonaan yhdess√§ y√∂ss√§, mutta olen aikas ylpe√§ itsest√§ni, kun olen yritt√§nyt ja se on ihan oikeasti kannattanut! On aikoja jolloin joku asia rikkoo kaiken ja min√§ romahdan siihen syv√§√§n masennuksen ja ahdistuksen kuoppaan. Olen yritt√§nyt olla korostamatta pahoja asioita tai huolia. Yritt√§nyt luottaa siihen, ett√§ universumi kyll√§ pit√§√§ musta huolta ja j√§tt√§√§ pois juttuja t√§st√§ yliajattelevasta p√§√§st√§, jos ne on turhia tai en voi tehd√§ niille asioille mit√§√§n. Olen voinut huomattavasti paremmin ja ollut oikeastaan onnellisempi, on ollut aikoja jolloin yleens√§ valitan jostain tai murehdin asioista koko ajan p√§√§ss√§, mutta sen sijaan nyt ollut rennompi ja nauttinut hetkist√§. Uskomatonta kuinka niin v√§h√§n voi muuttaa niin paljon. Aion yritt√§√§ pit√§√§ t√§t√§ yll√§ ja kouluttaa mun aivoja keskittym√§√§n positiiviseen ja l√∂yt√§m√§√§n kivoja asioita jokaisessa tilanteessa ja vaikka murheidenkin keskell√§. Se ei ole ollenkaan helppoa aina, mutta el√§m√§ olisi n√§in niin paljon nautittavampaa ja haluan olla esimerkkin√§ mun tytt√§relle. ūüíď

Lovely new year! ♡

There has been all sorts of awesome and wonderful stuff during 2016, but there has been some bad vibes as well. Remembering the good and positive things warms my hearth though. Gotta hype this a little bit how I have been trying to be more positive, see the good little things and enjoy them. This change doesn't happen completely overnight of course, but I'm quite proud of myself for trying this much and it has actually paid off! There are times when something breaks everything and I'm falling into that deep hole of depression and anxiety. I've tried not to highlight the bad stuff and worries. I have been trying to trust the universe taking care of me. Have definitely been feeling much better and have actually been happier, there has been time when I usually complain about something or constantly worry about things in my mind, but instead of that have been more relaxed and enjoyed the moment. How incredible that this little can change so much. I'm going to try and keep this up and train my brain to to focus on the positive and to find nice things in every situation and even in the middle of troubles. It is not always easy at all, but life would be so much more enjoyable like this and I want to set an example for my daughter. ūüíď

Kuvat:   |   Photos:

Jaakko Mäkelä - j.duktig

Sparkling eyes see the magic everywhere ūüĆü

Käytiin Jaakkon kanssa kuvailemassa vähän talvifiiliksiä ja puskakuvia. Jaakko on nyt viime vuoden aikana alkanu tekeen paljon tämmöisiä ihania lähikuvia luonnon kanssa. Tykkään kovin tästä unenomaisesta ja herkästä tunnelmasta. Lähdin tällaisella vintage-tyylillä ja luonnonläheisillä väreillä. Oli kerrankin muuten mahtavaa ulkokuvauksissa talvella, missä en palelluta itseäni. Wohoo!

Mulla on mun √§idin serkun vanha lampaannahka takki, se on muuten ihanan l√§mmin ja tuo huppu on paras. Kutsuin t√§t√§ teinin√§ nallekarhu takiksi. Kelputaan t√§m√§n el√§inj√§√§nn√∂ksen, koska se on vintage kipale jostain ehk√§ 70-luvulta. Hame on vintage kirpparil√∂yt√§ by Kaisu Heikkil√§ Oy ja alushame random vintagel√∂yt√∂. Saappaat on ihan parhaita kirpparil√∂yt√∂j√§, ne on mulle kokoa liian isot, joten sinne mahtuu villasukat alle ja min√§ pieni vilukissa tarvitsen melkein ymp√§ri vuoden ne villasukat.  

We went to photoshoot some winter vibe and in the bushes -photos with Jaakko. He has been doing a lot these kind of closeup pictures with nature during the past year. I really like this dream-like and sensitive feeling. I went with this vintage -style and toned down colors. For once it was really awesome to be at an outdoor photoshoot during winter and not freeze myself. Wohoo!

I'm wearing my mom's cousin's old sheepskin coat, it's btw lovely and really warm and that hood is the best. As a teenager I used to call this teddy bear coat. I accept this animal remain, because it's a vintage piece perhaps from somewhere around 70's. The skirt is a Finnish vintage flee market find by Kaisu Heikkil√§ Oy and the underskirt is some random thrifted vintage find. The boots are one of the best fleemarket finds, they are a size too big, so I can fit woolen socks underneath and someone as always cold as me needs woolen socks almost throughout the year.

you become
the more
you can 

❤~ Saija Sasetar